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She’s been sentenced to teenage prison for the dumbest reason, ever!

When Carla Mainston is sentenced to two weeks in juvenile detention for dirtying someone else’s carpet, she promises to never break the rules again—no matter how stupid they are.

She thinks that the worst that can happen is she'll be bored to death, but it seems that the wicked warden of the institute plans to keep her imprisoned indefinitely in the detention centre, along with all the other kids trapped behind its dark walls.

In an attempt to escape, Carla discovers the monster on the fourth floor and uncovers a darker purpose to the institution. She will have to fight for her freedom if she wants to go home. She will have to break all the rules if she wants to survive...

Detention is one of Claire Chilton's free books for teens, which means it is free to download in all major book stores. You can download it as one of the free books for Kindle, free Nook books or in a range of book stores. It is free to read for anyone, anywhere in the world as part of the campaign to improve literacy worldwide.

Published: April 2014 | Publisher: Claire Chilton | ISBN: 978-1-908822-32-1

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