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A trip to the cinema becomes a real horror show...

When Lucy Carlton wakes up in the cinema with no memory of who she is, she finds herself at the centre of a massacre. Trapped in the old theatre, she thinks she is the only survivor.

She believes she has found the killer when she encounters Ben Harris trying to break out of the building, but he can’t remember who he is either. Deadly circumstances force her to forge an alliance, and in spite of her suspicions, she finds herself relying on him to keep her safe from the raging beasts roaming the halls.

But how much can she trust Ben? She soon discovers that Ben isn’t all she needs to worry about when her own survival instinct becomes frenzied, and the real monsters begin to emerge.

Frenzied is a paranormal shape shifter story, and the first of the paranormal romance novels in the series

Published: November 2013 | Publisher: Ragz Books | ISBN: 9781908822307

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