Supernatural Romance Mystery

Dark Thoughts

She just saw a demon hovering outside her window…

When the past haunts her dreams and people around her start dying, Beth Warner begins to wonder if she really is going insane. But, who wouldn't go insane if they grew up in a cult and barely escaped with their life?

Living in sheltered housing with a group of angry teens, who are dropping like flies, Beth is horrified when she sees a demon hovering outside of her window each night. Convinced she’s going insane from the memories of her nightmarish past, she does everything she can to ignore it.

After witnessing a gruesome suicide in her building, she fears that she will be next. The only thing in her life that seems real is the annoying bad boy Jake Davidson, but he’s the last person she wants to tell her dark thoughts to.

But when Jake goes missing, she has to revisit the darkness she has avoided for so long and finally face the demons from her past.

Dark Thoughts is a demon romance story, a haunting supernatural romance mystery by Claire Chilton.

Published: February 2015 | Publisher: Ragz Books | ISBN: 9781908822468

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