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A rebellious teenage outcast is their only hope...

She's wild and outspoken. Trouble follows Carla Mainston wherever she goes. But what do you expect from a purple outcast living in a green colony?

When a deadly disease spreads through the colony, and Carla's brother Joe becomes infected, she knows she has to find a cure before it's too late. But when her genetics kick in, and she begins inheriting mysterious superpowers, her life becomes a whole new level of crazy.

If she can just get a handle on her new powers, which so far only seem to make her gooey over boys, maybe she can become a superhero and save everyone, assuming she doesn’t get arrested or have the life sucked out of her before then…

Legacy is the second novel in The Outliers, which is a series of teen sci-fi books that are brimming with comedy, adventure and magical new worlds.

Published: March 2012 | Publisher: Ragz Books | ISBN: 978-1-908822-00-0

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